VHS to DVD/Digital Conversions

• Do you have old VHS recordings of valuable family moments from years gone by such as holidays, birthdays, weddings and christenings?

• Are those recordings gathering dust in the attic and the tape degrading over time?

• Do you no longer own a VHS recorder leaving no way of viewing those precious memories?

We can transfer all those memories to DVD and digital files enabling you to enjoy them for many more years to come. Whilst the DVD format will allow playback on most DVD players, computers and games consoles the digital files will enable you to store on hard drives, USB devices as well as viewing on your smart phones and tablets.

We offer a range of options:

Simple Conversion - A straight forward "as you see it" result meaning everything from the original recordings are presented like for like. £20 per VHS **

Edited Conversion - All original recordings can be edited to remove unwanted footage (we've all recorded the floor for 2 mins - totally unaware). £30 per VHS **

Super Edited Conversion - An intense edit where all footage not contributing to the narrative is removed and timelines re-arranged resulting in a more enjoyable and rewarding viewing experience. £50 per VHS **

** Discounts available on multiple cassettes - details and cost available on request